Griffia Website

Hello all!  This isn’t an actual blog post; I just needed to share this awesome artifact that’s going to make parts of my research so much easier:  the official Griffia website!  It’s still in the process of being completed/polished, but there’s already a wealth of information on it.  One can learn about the universe, the species, gameplay, lexis, the moderators, and more.  You can bet your butt I’m going to be citing the heck out of this site!  I’m so excited!


One thought on “Griffia Website

  1. What do you mean “not an actual blog post” – it’s got info, context, a link, and is related to your thesis. It’s among the pieces.

    I can’t help but wonder why the desire for a site– to better document, organize? Have a presence outside of DA?

    Also, I am convinced too that it’s worth researching the personal/identity dynamics with Virtual Worlds. The people of Griffia are constructing identities, endowing with characteristics, and embodying them “in world”


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